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Zertifikats-Lehrgang International Management Program - Challenging Competition in Global Markets

Seminar-ID: 324083
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Ort: 6020 Innsbruck
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In the face of rapidly changing global markets and growing competition, international business today requires broader perspectives, new skills, shifting competitive sets and technology-driven business models. Contemporary management has to cope with new issues and growing challenges that will impact businesses and individuals around the world. The success of an enterprise is dependent largely upon the knowledge and skills of its decision makers and their ability to conduct critical and systematic analyses of the situations confronting them. This International Management Program© (IMP) has been developed in close co-operation with distinguished international academic in order to provide top-notch executive management training for decision-makers who deal with international competition.
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Ausführliche Beschreibung
• help anticipate and assess critical management opportunities and issues
• identify trends and changes in industries and markets, both domestic and international
• show how to establish effective international networks, partnerships and alliances
• develop strategic thinking, planning and implementation capabilities
• provide knowledge for integrating and co-ordinating across functions to support overall strategy
• increase the effectiveness of interpersonal and organizational communication and behavior
• strengthen the leadership skills needed to motivate high-performance work teams
• enhance analytical and decision-making skills in key areas of management
• build an understanding of value and service as a process rather than as a series of functions
• provide perspectives for competing in a global marketplace without frontiers
The purpose of the International Management Program© (IMP) is to enhance the global perspective, strategic management skills and knowledge of high-achievement managers and executives. Designed for the experienced manager and structured around a small-class format, this program facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the objectives
mentioned above. On-site visits at high-level institutions complement classroom-instruction.

The International Management Program© (IMP) is taught by acknowleged international faculty in English throughout the whole course and schedules intensive seminar modules at renowned international partner universities abroad. There, MCI students attend joint MBA classes, benefit from the intercultural experience of an international student community and receive a separate certificate of the respective institution.
Program participants are middle and upper level managers who want to broaden their horizons and strengthen their skills in the art and science of general management, decision-making and leadership in the global marketplace.
Participants will contribute a variety of experience, perspectives and ideas to the program and in doing so inspire stimulating, pertinent and frank discussions both in and outside of the classroom. Managers and executives learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process and can make analogies between that process and their own professional lives.

Participants are expected to have a sound command of English. They must provide proof of a minimum score of 92 points on a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) taken no longer than three years ago.
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