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INTERNATIONAL JOB INTERVIEWS. A practical training for personnel selection and job interviews against an intercultural background

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This training has been particularly designed for HR managers, personnel consultants, members of staff and specialised executives who conduct job interviews with applicants from different cultural backgrounds. Participants learn how to expertly cope with a variety of situations arising from this constellation. During the training, they develop an understanding for cultural standards of other nations, particularly those most relevant to their day-to-day business life. By fine-tuning their understanding for cultural differences, they learn to judge the potential of a wide range of applicants more assuredly.
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The unique hands-on character of this training results from participants preparing, conducting and – with the trainer’s help – evaluating real-life job interviews with specially invited applicants. The training can either partly or as a whole be conducted in English, thereby offering participants the opportunity of getting to know and handle the subtleties of English as an interview language.

The following methods are used in this training:
Theory input, individual and group exercises, live interviews with test applicants

Possible Contents
*Understanding cultural standards
*Reflecting one’s own cultural standards
*Intonation and body language in differrent cultures
*Identifying directness and indirectness in various languages
*Developing applicant profiles
*Preparing job interviews effectively
*Creating a pleasant interview atmosphere
*Directing interview conversation effectively and empathetically
*Improving an interview under language aspects
HR managers, personnel consultants and executives conducting job interviews against an intercultural background
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