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INTERCULTURAL SENSITIVITY. A practical training for more sensitivity and flexibility in an intercultural environment

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Success at work depends more and more on the ability to deal with people from different cultures in a flexible and sensitive way. Working together with intercultural project groups, or with international customers and colleagues, demands a high level of intercultural awareness. In this training, you will increase your ability to deal with intercultural differences. You will analyse cultural standards which affect groups’ thinking and behaviour in a working environment. Furthermore, you will gain a deeper awareness of how your culture affects your values and your behaviour, and how that has an impact on working together. You will be given many ideas and tips on how to improve your effectivity in an international environment.
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Ausführliche Beschreibung
The trainer lives and works in an international context herself, so she incorporates her own experiences into the training. This creates a lively, intensive, practically oriented training. The training can be held in German or English, depending on the participants’ needs.

The following methods are used in this training:
Theory input, individual and group exercises, case work, role games

Possible Contents
*Understanding the impact of cultural differences
*Intercultural sensitivity: What skills are needed?
*Recognising one’s own cultural identitiy
*Universal cultural standards and their impact at work
*Sensitivity for intercultural differences in verbal and non-verbal communication
*Reflection of your company culture
*Success factors in intercultural teams
*Strategies for dealing with intercultural conflicts
*Increasing personal effectivity in international environments
Target group
Managers and members of staff working in an intercultural environment
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